The mission of Qabas Oman School is to achieve the following for our young learners in Sur:

  • To create a caring environmentwhere our young learners feel safe and protected, therebygiving them the confidence to express their natural curiosity and willingness to learn.

  • To deliver well-structured and properly-paced lessons, by qualified and experienced teachers, which our young learners will respond to with thoughtful consideration and with enthusiasm.Read our Mission and Strategy Document.

Our mission is to create an exciting and fulfilling work environment where everyone’s good work is recognized and valued. Teachers and staff members will be provided with professional development opportunities as respected members of our community at Qabas Oman School, thereby allowing them to reach their full potential and grow in leadership positions at the school, or wherever their professional careers may take them.

Learn to be Creative!

I.T. educational resources are used extensively 

Each class is fully equipped with: 

  • an IT projector

  • books and other materials

  • whiteboard and audio equipment

WELCOME from dr. Robert Ryan


Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to announce the opening of Qabas Oman School! In collaboration with my team of educators and support staff, we intend to establish the best Kindergarten and Primary School for the children of Sur.

For the year 2016/2017, we offer classes for children from Kindergarten to Grade 3. Each subsequent year, we will open a new Grade class as our children progress with their education.
The children are taught in English by native-speakers of English.Arabic will also be taught to the children. 

At Qabas Oman School,
your child’s educational career will follow the Cambridge school curriculum whilst fulfilling the Oman Ministry of Education’s curricular guidelines. The use of English as the primary language of instruction, supported by instruction in Arabic, will lay the foundation for the development of open-minded, inquisitive, and well-rounded young scholars.

I invite you to explore our website and to come and visit us at Qabas Oman School.
And a special welcome to all of the parents and children who have enrolled at Qabas Oman School in its first year of operation!You are our founding young scholars, and so take a special place in the history of this new school. For this, we praise you!

Yours sincerely,

​Dr. Robert Ryan