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Qabas Oman School offers
bi-lingual primary school education, using the Cambridge Primary curriculum, to residents of Sur and its surroundings, which is informed by the school’s mission and vision. The school seeks to ensure that all of the students who are admitted to Qabas Oman School will thrive in a caring environment which benefits the child’s learning and development. With respect to the admission of students Qabas Oman School complies with all the applicable laws and regulations of the relevant Oman government ministries. Qabas Oman School does not discriminate between candidate students on the grounds of ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, or academic level. Parents and students who join the school must agree to adhere to the relevant school rules and policies.

Request for admission can be made for
any child who meets the age conditions and submits the required documents specified by the Oman Ministry of Education. The age conditions are:

As per the Oman Ministry of Education regulations, any student may be admitted into KG2 if they turn 4 years and 2 months by September 15th of that school year. As for Grade 1, they should be 5 years and 2 months by September 15th.

For Grades 2 and up, candidate students must provide documented evidence that
they were schooled in the previous grade level the year before. This evidence may take the form of a transfer letter stamped by a local educational authority, or a transcript and a school letter stating that the student has successfully finished a certain grade level as approved by an educational authority.

Qabas Oman School will start accepting admission applications for the next school year on January 1st. However, the School Board may decide to alter this date.

Parents may contact the school either by phone, by email, or by visiting the school premises. The first conversation that is had with prospective parents consists of explaining the school’s admission procedures and obtaining relevant information about the prospective student. Parents who wish to continue with the admission procedure must then submit a completed school enrollment application form, all the required documents, pay a registration fee, and make an appointment for an interview/placement test. The required documents are:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Original transfer certificate from the child’s previous school
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Three passport-sized photos
  • Passport and visa copies (for  both child and parents; visa copies are only necessary  for non-Omani citizens)
  • Medical report (if the child suffers from a chronic health problem)

For year grades which are full:

  • the student will be offered the next place on the waiting list

  • the school will explain to the parents the plans regarding expansion, if any, and the likelihood of their child being admitted

  • upon a place becoming available, students on the waiting list, in order of their listing, will be invited to continue the process of admission

Within two days after the admissions interview or test, the school will contact the parents with the options for the child’s enrollment, e.g. class placement. On acceptance of the enrollment, the parents pay the first school fee installment and sign the ‘Parents-School Partnership’ agreement.

The decision with respect to the particular class section that a child will be placed in is made by a nominated staff member. Factors that are considered for class section placement are:

  • mixed ability class groups, i.e. maintaining the same grade point average (or some other average) across different sections of the same grade

  • gender balance

  • a balance of students of different nationality in each class

Annual Enrollment
Parents will be requested to re-enroll their child/children at the school, for each subsequent academic year. Continuing students will automatically be re-enrolled.
All the family information and student-specific information that was provided in the previous year is checked by the parents with the School Secretary, after which the re-enrollment is confirmed and the first payment for the new year is made.

Support programmes for academic and language support
The school will offer support to those students who require it, including specific support in the areas of ESL, English and Arabic.

Admissions preferences
Students will be admitted in the following order of preference:

  • current students who are re-enrolling and their siblings

  • children of staff members

  • students living in the immediate vicinity of the school as defined by the School Board

  • new students other than the above

The registration period will be divided into four parts to cater for the above-mentioned admission preferences. The schedule for the registration will be communicated within the school and outside the school community.

First Day
The student reports to the school at the time provided to the student during registration. The child will be shown to his or her classroom. A staff member will place new students at their desk and introduce them to their classmates. Books are distributed within the student’s class. Arrangements for settling the child into the class are made with teachers and other students, e.g. allocating a buddy student.

Record keeping and transfers
All admission records will be kept by the school. A hard copy file will be kept in individual student files, with a soft copy kept in the school management system.
Forms and information will be transferred to other areas of the school as applicable. When a student transfers to another school, a complete report including all the student’s relevant information will be sent to their new school. A copy of the register of enrollments will be stored off-site and updated every term. The register of enrollments will be retained for a period of 5 years before it is archived.

All the laws, legislation, and regulations that are in force in Oman which are related to school enrollment will be complied.

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