Preparing Your Child for the Daily School Routine

We want your child to make the most of his or her school day at Qabas Oman School. In anticipation of all the work and play that your child will be engaged in during the school day, we request that parents consider the following points as they prepare the child for the daily school routine at Qabas Oman School: 

Morning routine 

  1. Make sure that your child wakes up in the morning with enough time to prepare for schoolwithout being late for school. If a child is late for school, then this disrupts the morning for the child and the other students. Children must learn the importance of punctuality. 
  2. Every morning, make sure that your child has washed properly and that fingernails are trimmed. Long fingernails on children pose a risk for themselves and other children. They are also more difficult to keep clean. 
  3. Your child should be properly dressed every morning in clean clothes that smell fresh. 
  4. Check that your child has been to the toilet before coming to school and that hands are thoroughly washed. 
  5. Provide your child with a nutritious and healthy breakfast before school. 
  6. Each child must bring his or her healthy lunch to school each day in a suitable lunchbox. The food should be healthy and nutritious. Chocolates, crisps, chocolate biscuits, sweets, candy, wafers, and sugar drinks are not healthy. They are bad for your child’s health, and have a negative effect on their performance at school, including their learning. 
  7. In the morning before school, parents should show that they are in a good mood and calm, thereby setting a good example for their children. If there is shouting and discord in the home, it is obvious that the child will bring this negative behaviour to school; spoiling the school day for the child, and possibly for the child’s classmates. School should be a calm and happy place. Please help us make it so! 
  8. Parents should show interest in the child’s work at school, and give reasonable amounts of praise when praise is deserved. 
  9. Please do not allow your child to watch TV or play video games in the morning before coming to school. This is an unnecessary distraction and does not calm your child down and allow him or her to focus on the beginning of the school day. 


After school routine 

  1. Please pick your child up from school at the correct time and show interest in what has happened at school during the day. 
  2. Talk with your child about school and its importance. 
  3. Consider the school skills that can be practiced at home. For example, sitting up straight in a chair, looking people in the eye when you talk to them, being positive (no tantrums), being calm like the teachers. 
  4. Encourage independent behaviour. Don’t fetch and carry for the child; the child can pack and carry their own school bag (they do this at school, so they can do this at home too). The child can clean up after himself and also dress himself at home. 
  5. Discuss the school rules and the behaviour expectations that we have at Qabas Oman School with your child, so that they child knows what is expected of him or her at school. You, as parents, play a very important role in modifying your child’s behaviour. 
  6. Train the child to wake up with their own alarm clock so that they can take responsibility for their punctuality too. 
  7. Don’t infantilize your child. 
  8. Let the child wash herself, do her own hair, and clean her shoes herself so that she learns to become self-reliant and independent. Give praise when this behaviour is exhibited. 
  9. At home,engage in activities where the child has to follow instructions, as practice for the instructions that are given at school. 
  10. Play games that involve sharing and quiet play, and demand some level of concentration for extended periods. Some play should be free play, but some play should be structured play too. 
  11. Make sure that yourchild goes to bed early at night, so that the child has enough rest and sleep to be ready for the next day. Playing video games late at night is particularly detrimental to your child, both in preparing the child for sleep, and with respect to the child’s eye-sight. 
  12. Make going to bed, in preparation for a new school day at Qabas Oman School, a fun experience. 

We hope that you, as parents, will take this information to heart and really make an effort to help your child get the most out of the school experience. The sooner they become thoughtful, independent young learners, the better their school experience will be. 

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