How I envisage the Qabas Oman School Ethos

From Ms Faheema Hoosen  
I envisage the school ethos at Qabas Oman School as one of sincere determination and dedication towards maximizing every student’s opportunity and potential. This is done through the
family-orientated ethos that exists within this school. All members of the school community care for each other and a share a common goal; to take Qabas Oman School to greater heights. As an educator, I strive to contribute to the school in a positive way by always being respectful of others, show true teamwork and, most importantly, I always put the students first. Qabas Oman School aims to empower students by equipping them with a high standard of the English language, ensuring that their future education blossoms to the fullest.

From Ms Nazley Thomas
I believe a school ethos should allow for
the creation of a positive and constructive environment where children feel safe and motivated. Where both the children and staff will learn and grow by continuous learner- and staff development. A positive school ethos will allow for a holistic education that is compatible with Islamic principles and practices and will enable learners to live harmoniously in a multicultural society
To create a positive school ethos, I allow my students to have freedom in their 'work' and speech within the classroom walls. They will be allowed to ask questions and explore their curiosity in a safe environment. I ensure learning that opportunities are always present and the children will be kept motivated and interested through creative teaching. I maintain good relationships with my fellow staff members and model respect, courtesy, and professionalism and I expect the same behavior of the students. Teachers and staff should strive towards creating a caring environment where children are 'loved' through their difficulties, both learning and behavioral. There will be positive school ethos I will allow my students to have freedom in their 'work' and speech in the classroom walls.

From Ms Kamala

As a teacher and educator, I believe that we need to establish and maintain a school ethos that represents our beliefs, ideas, and work. The features that we will nurture at Qabas Oman School represent our common vision and sense of responsibility. Our goal is to establish and maintain positive relationships with our students, parents, and other teachers. I believe in teamwork, and I encourage teamwork and collaboration. Furthermore, we need to treat each other with respect, and we need to maintain professional relationships with all members of our community.

From Ms Naziha
I believe a school should be a place where a
child feels safe, wanted and loved. A teacher as well as the school in general should put the needs of the students first. Parents must feel that their children are in good hands and that they do not need to worry about their education or development. A happy child is a healthy child. A school and the teachers should build a relationship with the kids as well as the parent and must function as one big family.

From Ms Tracey Lee 
Children are
learning from examples 
Each child is an unique individual who needs a caring,
safe and stimulating environment
Each child learns at their own pace​​

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It is no easy matter to articulate the particular school ethos that we strive to establish and maintain at Qabas Oman School. A school’s ethos is intangible, but it is real; it touches the heart and mind of everyone at the school, and is impressed upon those who visit our school. A positive school ethos is the life-blood of a school. But it is not possible to merely write up a set of rules and regulations and magically conjure up a school ethos; pulling a rabbit out of a top hat. As school administrators and staff members, we have to be more subtle than that. We have to carefully nurture our school ethos, breathing life into a delicate being, precious to the school, as it grows in stature. When our ethos has grown and is mature and strong, it will protect the school and stand us in good stead when we need it.

Where does a school ethos come from? Simply put, it emerges from the relationships that exist at the school. If we enter into sincere, professional, caring relationships with each other and our students, then a positive school ethos will emerge. We need to consider the quality of these relationships in terms of their genuineness and helpfulness. How do we plan to treat each other, and how do we appreciate the social community that resides within the school?
A positive ethos exists in communities that can be characterized by the following features, which we will value and nurture at Qabas Oman School:

  • The community has a shared vision.
  • The community has a shared sense of purpose.
  • The community has shared values.
  • The community incorporates diversity successfully.
  • Free and easy means of communication exist within the community.
  • A spirit of free and easy participation is present in the community.
  • Members of the community sincerely care for each other, and feel safe within the community.
  • Members of the community can trust each other.
  • Teamwork is encouraged and valued in the community.
  • Respect and recognition of good work is shared within the community.

It is our hope that the above features will be found in all of the relationships that are entered into at Qabas Oman School; including the relationships between students, teachers, and between students and teachers. Of course, these features are not rules and regulations; but we hope that they will inspire everyone who is involved with the school to embrace the community and contribute to our school ethos.

Read School Ethos PDF.


Leadership goals
The leadership ethos that we wish to establish and develop at Qabas Oman School is based on an understanding of two fundamental principles: respect for yourself and others, and taking initiative. All members of staff are expected to display respect for each other and the students. Concerning leadership, we expect teachers and learners to show initiative, to ‘step up’, and take responsibility for their work and what takes place at the school. For example, if there is a piece of rubbish on the floor, then any teacher, administration staff, or student passing by can pick it up and dispose of it. If a student is struggling to understand a concept, then a fellow student can take the initiative and try to explain the concept. If a parent visits the school, then any teacher can greet the parent and show the parent to the administration office, for example. If a person takes the initiative to make a positive contribution to the running of the school, then that person is truly part of the school, not merely a person who just so happens to go to the school each day. Without such people, our leaders, there is no school to speak of.

  • Show respect and take the initiative

  • Everyone can be a leader, in some capacity, at the school

  • Everyone at the school ‘owns’ the school. It is your school. Own it.

Learning goals
The school’s goal with respect to learning is based on an understanding that each child brings his or her own special talents to the classroom and playground, which can be shared and displayed as befitting. It is understood that each young learner may appeal to different learning strategies in different situations. Consequently, the teachers at Qabas Oman School will strive to provide our learners with a variety of different learning experiences and teaching methods which will engage each child, in turn, so that the child will find satisfaction and pleasure in his or her school career. Considered, thoughtful, and pleasurable learning experiences will be provided at the school, so that the child will be inspired to take the initiative to learn outside school, at home, with siblings, and alone. A day in which nothing is learned would be a terrible, empty day. Days in which a multitude of ideas and thoughts are shared and learned are what Qabas Oman School aims to provide to our young learners.

  • A variety of talents demands a variety of learning experiences.

  • A variety of learning experiences demands a variety of teaching methods.

  • Each day must be filled with learning, and the satisfaction that accompanies learning.

Teaching goals
Qabas Oman School appreciates the fact that teaching is an art and a craft. As an art, we admit to the fact that each teacher will be tasked with creating learning experiences which will engage each child, and will encourage the child to be curious and, ultimately, to become an independent learner. As a craft, teaching demands expertise and skill from the teacher. Our teachers have many years of experience of teaching, and they are thoughtful and creative in their deployment of the teaching resources which are at their disposal, including IT resources, for example. Our goal is to provide our teachers with professional development opportunities, so that they will grow in their profession, in step with Qabas Oman School, as it grows as a learning institute that serves the community in Sur.

  • Teachers are free to practice their art and to hone their craft as they engage with our young learners.

  • Thoughtful professional development that meets the needs of our teachers will be provided by Qabas Oman School.

Administration goals
The administration staff at Qabas Oman School aims to provide quick, efficient, and accurate resolution of all of the administrative tasks that are associated with running a successful school, including their interaction with parents, teachers, and students. Their goal is to establish a warm and caring professional tone at the school, to display professional values and behaviour, and to grow in their administrative duties as leaders within the school, inspiring our students and teachers to do their best at everything that they do.

  • The administration staff strives to become experts in their respective areas of responsibility.

  • The administration staff will serve as role-models, as compassionate and caring professionals to parents, teachers, and students alike.

  • Qabas Oman School will serve as an environment where staff members can learn and grow as professionals, and as leaders in their workplace and their community.

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