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Responsibilities of School Leadership Team  

Qabas Oman School appreciates the difference between the governance and leadership in the context of running a successful primary school.

The School’s Governance Body: Responsibilities

It is agreed that the school’s governance body (SLT), in whatever form that it may adopt:

  • formulates and establishes the SLT’s by-laws

  • sets school policies and reviews procedures

  • recommends updates and changes, as needed

  • monitors the school’s compliance with policies and procedures

The SLT develops and implements the school planning process; formulates and establishes the school’s mission, vision and values; sets goals via a School Improvement Plan; and continuously reviews and approves objectives.

The SLT ensures that financial policies and procedures are efficient, in accordance with the law, and meet the requirements of the school’s owners; revises and approves budgets; reviews regular financial reports; selects an auditor and reviews each audit.

The SLT annually reports on school educational and financial performance which includes:

  • a message from key school bodies

  • student performance in tests and examinations

  • a summary of any inspection/accreditation judgements

  • professional development input for the school’s teachers

  • teacher attendance and teacher retention

  • student attendance and retention rates

  • school-levers’ destinations

  • enrollment policies and profiles

  • school policies

  • school-determined improvement targets

  • initiatives promoting respect, responsibility, and the school’s ethos

  • parent, student, and teacher satisfaction

  • a summary of financial information

Public Relations and Communications
Individual board members serve as general ambassadors to the public, but represent the school in specific instances only as directed by the SLT as a whole.

Board Development
The SLT is tasked with developing and maintaining a pool of qualified candidates for the board; recruits and screens candidates; elects board members; provides for orientation and training of board members.

SLT Operations   
Prepares the agenda for meetings of the board (often done by the Board Chairperson with a Board Secretary); decides which standing and ad hoc committees are needed to accomplish its work (in accordance with bylaws); appoints or elects committees and their Chairs (often done by the Board Chairperson, procedure may be outlined in bylaws); monitors and evaluates the work of committees.

Personnel and Contractors
The SLT appoints, dismisses, supervises, and evaluates the school director’s performance; enters into agreements for contracted services.

Resource Development
The SLT develops strategies which are to be used in the acquisition of the resources that are needed to successfully and efficiently pursue the school’s mission, and accomplish its goals and objectives. The SLT articulates roles of the board and the school director in implementing these strategies.

The SLT evaluates the School Director; evaluates the Board’s effectiveness; evaluates the match between the school’s vision and mission and its activities and accomplishments; evaluates the school’s performance within a cycle of continuous review and school improvement planning and links this with budget priorities.

Record Keeping
The SLT ensures appropriate written records of its own activities and the decisions that are made, and ensures that these records are retained by the school. The SLT also ensures that the school maintains (and displays where appropriate) all legally required records.

School Leadership: Responsibilities
School Policies and Procedures
The School Leadership (the School Director/Principal) develops procedures that match and resonate positively with the SLT’s policy, and provides the SLT’s members with the necessary information that they need to monitor compliance. The School Leadership implements the SLT’s policies on a daily basis.

The School Leadership supports the SLT’s planning process by arranging logistics, providing information and participating in planning sessions; writes objectives; develops work plans, timelines; implements work plans; and provides progress reports to the SLT.

The School Leadership develops and implements financial management procedures that are efficient, in accordance with the law, and meet the requirements of funders; develops budgets; performs financial management tasks such as writing and depositing cheques, accounting, allocating income and expenses to specific projects in accordance with the budget approved by the SLT; develops and submits regular financial reports to the SLT; provides needed information to the auditor; and prepares and submits required reports to funders.

The School Leadership provides information to the SLT and assists the SLT in the annual reporting of school educational and financial performance to the community and any local or national educational authority, as required.

Public Relations and Communication
The School Leadership represents the school to staff, parents, students, local authorities, and the public at large, and communicates to these groups about Qabas Oman School and its activities and students by using a variety of mediums such as school meetings and newsletters.

Board Development
The School Leadership assists with the professional development of the administrative and teaching staff; assists with recruitment; supports orientation and training of new teachers and administrative staff.

Board Operations   
The School Leadership assists with the development of agendas for meetings of the SLT; suggest committees or committee members to the SLT for consideration; assists committees and their Chairs as requested: sets up meetings, prepares minutes, and provides information on request.

Personnel and Contractors
The School Leadership appoints, fires, supervises, and evaluates the staff and volunteers, and supervises the work of contractors and ensures they the work done at the school is of an acceptable standard w.r.t. health and safety of the school’s children and staff.

Resource Development
The School Leadership assists with the development of strategies, and implements resource development strategies as assigned by the SLT.

The School Leadership evaluates all members of staff; provides the SLT with the information that they need to evaluate the match between the school’s vision and mission and its activities and accomplishments; and plans and conducts project evaluation.

Record Keeping
The School Leadership assists with maintaining records of the SLT’s activities, often recording minutes to be reviewed and approved by the SLT; keeps all records required by law and requested by the SLT; and maintains appropriate records of staff and student activities.