Student Behaviour Expectations at Qabas Oman School

To ensure the proper running of the school and the successful social- and academic development of your child, Qabas Oman School considers the following student behaviour expectations to be of importance. Parents are requested to read these expectations and share them with their children.

1. Students are expected
to follow the instructions given by their teachers, at all times, without undue complaint or showing a negative attitude. The instructions given by the teachers are directed at the child’s educational- and social development. This includes instructions given in class, and on the playground.

2. Students are
not to use physical violence at school; they need to control their anger and frustrations. Teachers will assist each child, as need arises, to learn how to control themselves.

3. Students
may not run inside the school buildings. This is not safe.

4. Students are expected to
play in groups and pairs, in a safe and peaceful manner.

5. Students are expected to
show respect to the other students and staff at Qabas Oman School, for example, by looking at the face of the person who is talking to them.

6. Students are expected to
be clean, wash their hands after using the bathroom, and be hygienic. Students are expected not to pick their noses or spit at Qabas Oman School.

7. Students are expected to speak with a clear voice, with confidence, to their teachers and peers. But note that
shouting and screaming is not an acceptable way of communicating.

8. Students are expected to be
keen to learn and diligent in their work at Qabas Oman School.

9. Students may
not damage property belonging to another student or the school.

10. The student should
be committed to following the school’s rules. This will help the student in later life where we encounter similar rules and regulations in our adult life.

11. During the weekend, the student should
enjoy the time spent with his or her family and do some activities that are entertaining.

12. Students are required to bring all their necessary school books, other materials, and equipment to school each day, as needed.

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